Importance of Mobile #2


Importance of Mobile #2

August 24, 2016
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In todays digital and more importantly mobile world, the phone is an incredibly important part of the shopping experience. Current statistics from Google state that up to 88% of people shopping inside a store, will use their phones as a part of the decision making process.  A smaller, yet significant number of shoppers will carry on the research all of the way through the checkout line.  The undecided patrons, will then abandon the line and put the product back before leaving the store.

In response to the statistics, your need to understand how your customers are evaluating your product and the technology being used to do so is growing day by day.  Do you track your product reviews?  Do you know how what type of device your potential clients are using to find and evaluate your product or company? Many of the customers that we are now working with started out not having any idea of the technology being used by their customers.  There are many forms of technology, but the key thing to focus on in this area is the Desktop, mobile, tablet, and to make sure your website and the reviews are easily accessible.

We have included a small data set of data from one of our clients (sanitized of course).  It shows the technology used and is a 7 day period.  We can even dig deep into the technology as is evidenced by the second graphs.  We drilled down into our analytics tool and and got the details of the device used to view the site.

I hope that this has helped some of you that are considering using statistics to increase your profits.  If our team here at Covered Data can be of assistance, please let us know – click here.

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