Web Security Just Got More Critical


Web Security Just Got More Critical

September 23, 2016
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We have for years been battling with the various hackers, thief’s, spammers and whole host of bad guys and we are convinced every day of the value of solid web security strategy.  Not only do you need to ensure you have good backups should you get hacked, you need the ability to get restored as quickly as possible.  There are a several easy solutions out there now, but many companies are not even paying attention to the regular updates that are pushed out by the plugin developers and even worse, people are ignoring critical wordpress updates.

At Covered Data, we are mandating or highly recommending that all of our managed clients use a web application firewall  (WAF) The WAF can be implemented using a security plugin and should very high on your list of to-dos.  We are also suggesting to our clients that they join one of our plans that allows us to ensure standard updates are applied on a regular basis.   The cost of these plans is so minimal that it is almost ridiculous to not participate.  Google has made it clear in some of their posts that they are taking steps to tackle hacked spam sites in their rankings.  They realize the value of a safe web, and are engaged regularly to ensure those that are hacked or are spamvertising are reduced in the rankings.

What does that mean to you?  If you are a company that relies heavily on your website for eCommerce purchases and your reputation and you get hacked, you will no longer show on that first page when somebody searches for your product.  Worse yet, if it comes at a time when people are reviewing your site for a job you are bidding on, you my friend are in trouble.  My advise is that you take the immediate necessary steps to ensure your security.

There are many good plugins out there that can handle it for you.  Several of the developers that we partner with also guarantee restoration and a thorough diagnosis of the problem, if you are using the premium version.  We have used many security application in the past, but the premium version are generally well worth the few dollars extra.  Some of them only cost are as low as $8 per month.  See our recommended list for our favorite.  We are not making money off of the recommendation of the WAF.  We just believe in the product and the support provided.

To sum it all up, active steps to ensuring your security are not that hard to take and honestly, can be done very pretty inexpensively for most of the 174,090,82 active websites (Source:  Netcraft) out there.  Lets all get on the right path, apply our updates regularly, and take steps to enhance the security of our sites and our reputations.

As always, if we can help you, please let us know.  [contact-form-7 id=”381″ title=”Consultation 30 Minutes”]


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