Spam Fighting – Built In Zimbra

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Spam Fighting – Built In Zimbra

May 11, 2017
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Zimbra Email and Organizational Collaboration Feature Built In

One of the great feature of Zimbra, in both the Professional Network Edition (paid and supported) and the Community Edition (free, community supported) is its built in spam prevention and antivirus solutions.  The spam feature is very easy to configure and as an administrator you have the option to be as tight or relaxed as is fit for your customers.  The use of global real time black lists is one of the best features available.  The are simple to configure by logging into the admin console/configure/Global Settings/MTA.  On that page you will find the several options pertaining to the use of RBLs.  You will click the add button in the section and then list the particular RBL that you want to use.

Here at Covered Data we use the following that are based on Zimbra recommendations and what is listed as what they are currently using:

List of Client RBLs:,,,

List of Client RHSBLs:,,

List of Reverse Client RHSBLs:

List of Sender RHSBLs:,,

Having these listed in the spam fighting configuration in Zimbra version 8.7.7 is for us, very effective.  The number of spam message reaching our inboxes is virtually zero and we are confident that it is because of this configuration.

We also have the following Protocol and DNS checks enabled:

Hostname in greeting violates FCS  (reject_invalid_helo_hostname) Checked
Sender address must be fully qualified (reject_non_fqdn_sender)  Checked
DNS Checks:
Client IP Address (reject_unknow_client_hostname) Checked.

These setting along with the standard Ham and SPAM learning features that is in effective keeps our company’s emails and those of our client clear of spam.

If you have any questions or would like a free consulation about setting up a very secure and full feature Email Server let us know using our Contact Form.  You can alsways call us as well 702.430.1849

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