End Point vs. Cloud Firewall

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End Point vs. Cloud Firewall

August 4, 2017
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Why Choose a Endpoint Server based Firewall

As users of the WordPress platform for running your web server, you are fully aware that your choice’s are numerous, with some better than others.  This is also the case when trying to decide what type of firewall to protect our assets with.  For the most part, your choices fall into two categories; 1.  Server Based (endpoint) (Wordfence, All In One WP Security&Firewall) 2. Cloud based (Cloud Fare)

Both have some attractive features, but the Covered Data recommendation is that you seriously consider the use of a server based endpoint firewall such as Wordfence.  This version runs directly on your server and is directly protecting your website.  So, whether or not the Bad Guy is attacking the IP address or the domain name, you have protection.  With a cloud based system your attacker doesn’t have to attack the name (http://www.mywebsite.com), but can just attack the actual IP address that this name is assigned to or your server address on the internet.  This is an inherent flaw in the cloud based systems.

There are many other features of the wordfence firewall, such as deep integration with user level permissions, integration with .htaccess files, etc.  The interface is easy, and in its default install does a wonderful job of providing protection of your websites.  The more advanced features can get confusing, but in some cases are a huge benefit.  Using the advanced features is something that you can contact Covered Data about.  We can setup, monitor, and manage that part of the firewall for you at incredibly low monthly rates (no contract).

We have been involved in installing wordpress sites, wordpress firewalls, and recovering websites, for many years and would love to work for you.  Give us a call.


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