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VLC 3.0 Now Available

February 12, 2018
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Video Lan VLC 3.0 now available

The video lan VLC 3.0 is now available after a long 2 year developing and creation of improvements.  The famously free and extremely capable player that we have all come to love is now ready.  The new player now supports chromecast, activates hardware decoding by default and renders 4K&8K playback.

We have installed and tested the new features of VLC on some of our LinuxMint 18.3 laptops and must say we are pleased with the results.  The playback of Friday the 13th was flawless when we cast it to one of our Chromecast devices.

For a full list of the added features and the VLC page click here.

Congrats to the team at VideoLan for all of their hardwork.  All of us at Covered Data greatly appreciate your efforts.

Scott Barbour
Managing Partner

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Fireball Adware – How to protect yourself

June 2, 2017
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Malware Protection

The latest adware and malware on the market is what looks like a Chinese product called “Fireball” and has infected about 250 million browsers or 20 percent of the corporate networks around the world.  Several computer security companies have classified the infection as malware, but according to a Chinese digital marketing firm it is a research tool.

The danger is that it is exposing a great deal of your privacy information along with installing other unwanted plugins to your browsers.  It is all in an effort to boost advertising payments for the companies involved in releasing it.  For you, it is a dangerous software and allows others to gather information about you without you knowing.

From an overall security aspect, it is really dangerous and you or your IT department should find a way to protect you from it.  One very strong and prominent, but easy tool is from a company called Malwarebytes.  They have been around a long time and cleared millions of infected computers of malware.  We use them exclusively here at Covered Data.  If you are interested in a free trial of the latest release, please let us know.  We will send you a download link and the 30 day keys, with only a follow email from us about your thoughts on it.

Stay safe.


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Browser Statistics

September 18, 2016
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As you know, we believe in using statistics to measure our performance, in customer web pages, customer interaction and a whole lot of other reason.  One very key measurement to consider is what browser is the most popular.  While, in a perfect world all developers and browser would adhere to the standards and it almost wouldn’t matter what browser we were using, beyond personal preference.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

So, it still holds that we understand the type of browsers are users are viewing our site with. Thanks to our friends at for posting their statistics over the many years.  We submit to you that Chrome has the overall advantage in the popularity race;  statistics below.

Before everybody has a fit, we realize that there are sometimes special use cases and certainly sites that view better on other browsers.  Our statistics are just raw data about the general trend.  Though, we welcome your comments and thoughts about your favorite browser.

August72.4 %5.2 %16.8 %3.2 %1.1 %
July71.9 %5.2 %17.1 %3.2 %1.1 %
June71.7 %5.6 %17.0 %3.3 %1.1 %
May71.4 %5.7 %16.9 %3.6 %1.2 %
April70.4 %5.8 %17.5 %3.7 %1.3 %
March69.9 %6.1 %17.8 %3.6 %1.3 %
February69.0 %6.2 %18.6 %3.7 %1.3 %
January68.4 %6.2 %18.8 %3.7 %1.4 %


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