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Linux Mint 19

December 1, 2018
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Quick update to the Linux Mint 19 beta post; LM 19 full version is simply outstanding. 

We are now running LM 19 on many of the PC at Covered Data and have seen its adoption by several clients we recently serviced.  Despite the past valid arguments that the linux desktop wasn’t ready, it is our position that 19 has clearly put the linux desktop in the arrived category.  

Our recent installs have been completed without a hitch and improved performance and reliability within our company.  The installations have been completed on both new and older machines.  Both installed easily and the detection of hardware and the needed drivers went without a incident. 

Installation of applications, libreOffice, evolution mail client, chromium (google chrome) and other mainstream software was easily completed.  LibreOffice in particular was easy and is equal to its paid for counter part Microsoft Office.  Our base suite of software is clean and as functional as its non-open source version.  Additionally, we really enjoyed saving hundreds of dollars in licensing cost by embracing the opensource philosophy.

Our overall effort was driven from the top and below is a picture of our CEO’s desktop running Linux Mint. 

Scott's Desktop

Scott’s (CEO) Linux Mint Desktop

In summation, our experience with the conversion to Linux Mint 19 has been very efficient, has gone smoothly, and has been completed without an issue.  We realize that our environment is going to be different from yours.  However, if you were considering upgrading or completely moving over to a performance based, reliable system, please give Linux Mint 19 first consideration. 

As always, we are here to help you plan, configure, and implement your technology needs and would love the opportunity to work with you.  Reach us at 702.430.1849 or submit a query on our contact page. 

LinuxMint 19 – Beta

June 26, 2018
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LinuxMint 19 beta Review

Fast interface, boots quickly, and is overall pretty incredible.

I have been running linuxmint 19 beta since it was released in the first week of June 2018 and love the new system.  I have it running on a old HP Pavillion with a quad core 2.0 mhz 6 gigs of ram machine.  I have it installed on a 1 tb solid state drive which obviously helps the performance.  However, while the performance far exceeds that of a previous Windows 10 install, the Linuxmint 19 install also exceeds that of LinuxMint 18.

Couple quick thoughts:

Interface:  Fabulous, fast, smooth, and very slick graphics and great performance.

Boot Time:  Seems to have greatly improved over the previous version 18

Updates:  The new update system is fast, very slick and refined.

Timeshift:  While a new feature and I haven’t used it extensively, it is a welcome addition and will easily compete with windows restore points.

Hot Corners:  Installed by default (might be on 18, not sure) and is very useful and smooth.  Easy to setup and it makes switching between virtual desktops extremely useful.

My overall experience with LinuxMint 19 has been fabulous and would easily recommend it to all windows to users with both new machines and older machine.  True, there are more native applications available for windows machines, but for 75 percent of the users in the world (my estimate) LinuxMint 19 has everything you need the the performance is absolutely worth it.

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