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Bids by Experts
Project Bidding Website

This project has been a great deal of fun.  It at the time was our most involved in just about every aspect of online eCommerce.  The requirements given to us were for a project and services site that clients could use to post project and vendors would be able to bid on those project.  The site required full integration with paypal, has instant personal messaging between vendors and people posting projects.  The site also contains and escrow holding ability.  This is to support larger projects that will involve larger sums of money.  This escrow system protects both parties.  These functions pushed our programmers a fair amount, but the final project as released, was pretty nice and met the needs of the customers.

As always our marketing team has been involved and recommendation are forth coming to the client.  As it stands now, we feel it is a decent site and we are hoping the best for it.  I am sure that the functionality that the Covered Data team has built in is rock solid.  The rest is up to the client and we will be here to offer follow on support.

If you have a need for some web development, whether small or in great detail, let us know.

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