OneWave Networks
Telecom Business Website

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OneWave Networks
Telecom Business Website

We created this website for a startup telecom company in Las Vegas.  Our engineering teams spent quite a bit of time getting things up and running securely using the latest techniques in web development and deploying everything on the wordpress platform.  The theme that was used is a premium theme that took a fair amount of time to find.  The requirements of the customer and what will be needed in the future required a lot of due diligence and required us to review both the support aspect and the code that was used by the theme provider.  We settled on a premium provider that came out on top and got to work customizing to meet the needs of the customer.

Once the engineers got things up and running, the marketing team stepped in.  They are responsible for the font, color selection, choosing the graphics, and the appeal of whatever product we are producing.  In this case, the website for our customer.  Our marketing team consists of graphic artists, marketing experts, and our revolving focus group.

See….., at Covered Data, we don’t do anything in a vacuum.  We use the focus group technique in every graphic, every print item, every business card, and every visual product that we produce.  This ensures us that we are hitting the customer expectations and the expectations of our market.

If you like the results and would like to talk about possibly doing something for yourself, please let us know.

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