Cloud Backup Services


Cloud Backup Services

September 28, 2017
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Covered Data’s primary mission is making sure your companies information is available to you and protected at all times.

Our cloud centric backup solution is designed to ensure that availability and provide a safe harbor for archiving and data protection.  This includes physical and virtual servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices and your cloud.  computers

We’re able to replicate to your existing cloud data space, provide private and public cloud solutions.

Have critical information that needs extra security from eyes outside of your company? We have that solution covered.  HIPPA, SOC II, and more industry certifications and compliancy are part of managing and securing your data.

Our backup solutions include malware and ransomware detection, preventing loss of your data and providing immediate restores should they be necessary.  Additionally, our software solutions in addition to our secured backups, provide an additional layer of defense critical to the protection of your information.

Contact us immediately about protecting your data and the company’s future.

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Download your desktop/server/mobile clients:

Download Online Backup & Recovery (Windows, .EXE)

For Android Latest version 1.7 – Download from the Google Play store

For Iphone/Ipad Latest version 5.4 – Download from the Apple App Store


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